Beauties!!…have you ever wondered whats with all the hyping of ACV?…then keep on reading.

Little do u know that this wonder juice which is sour to the core can be most helpful to your body both internally and externally.


When purchasing your ACV,it is most important to go for the organic raw and unfiltered apple cider,the best choice i would recommend is the “Mother’s ACV”..You can see the picture above to know how it looks like.

ACV is great as a morning is a sure fire way to boost your immune system…the best way to drink it is on an empty stomach every morning.

ACV should always be a part of you to get that great body and clear skin.

How do I get a great body with ACV?

ACV helps as a weight reduction drink,if used properly you are sure to get good results in less than two weeks. You can always mix ACV with other natural things. One great formula for weight reduction is my own recipe i named “bling drink”😊.Dont worry it works like a charm ,and its all natural!!

You will need the following: –ACV(6 tsps),-a medium sized cucumber,a lemon/lime,ginger (any amount,i use a lot),and one big sized avocado.

Basically what i just do is squeeze out my lemon juice,peel the avocado and cut to tiny pieces in a blender,bending all of the ingredients until it turns into a smooth paste.

Its perfect for getting slim in only a few days..its got all the right ingredients,talk about natural.

If you dont have all the ingredients above you could also make do with lemon and ACV.

Mix two teaspoons on ACV and two tsps of lemon juice in a glass of water and thats it!!

ACV helps the body maintain a healthy pH level which in turn fights bacteria and melt toxins in the body,leading to weight reduction.

It also helps to regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure. …this makes it good for people with diabetes.

So beauties lets go to how ACV works for your skin

ACV can be used as a facemask. how? There are some natural ingredients you can use with ACV.

ACV and acne

ACV can be used to reduce acne overnight!!..overnight!…it reduces swelling i.e inflammations and gives your skin a natural glow. The three things you could use for that stubborn acne are:

-ACV(1 and half teaspoons )


-Honey (1 tsp)

Mix them and apply on a clean and steamed face for best results use it overnight.

In the morning you will notice a huge difference.why dont you try this today.

Girl!,get your purse and run to the supermarket to get your ACV!!

It saves the money you spend on slim tea which is filled with chemicals.Choose natural.

Do u know that ACV is part of how the Asian women stay young??

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