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3 Ways To Boost Your Resume While In College

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As a college student, focusing on one goal (E.g getting your degree)may seem like the best idea. You may have also decided to start thinking of your future after graduation. But college gives you an opportunity for growth. There are many opportunities to improve yourself academically, mentally,physically, financially,and,to build up your resume.

While you may feel like your career skills are getting rusty, there are plenty of other activities that you can do during the semester to keep your resume up-to-date, interesting and most importantly, competitive. Here are five tips on how to boost your resume that will keep you ahead of the curve!


Volunteering is not only a way to gain relevant skills,but,its also a way to give back to the community. Find opportunities that align with a your chosen career. Another benefit of volunteering is that you get to meet great people with good intentions and similar interests. In addition to a steady time commitment, be sure to pick volunteering options that you’ll actually enjoy. “Students [should] choose volunteer opportunities that they are interested in–whether it relates to your major or not,” Brigola says. “You will have a more meaningful experience if you are interested in what you are doing or the cause, rather than simply volunteering to check it off a list”. Examples of organisations you can volunteer in Nigeria includes Slum2school

Assist a lecturer

A student assistant is a position available on many college campuses. The position is usually part-time and entails a university student working on campus to gain on-the-job experience. A student assistant will carry out administrative and technical tasks requested by a supervisor. So,epending on the area the student assistant is employed in, they may assist and mentor other students or provide support throughout the campus in various forms. This is a another point you can add to your resume.

Be part of a team (LWB,STER,Writers Community)

In your freshman year,joining a group is a good idea especially if you are miles away from home. This way you get a sense of community,you get to meet impactful people,you also get to explore and know more about yourself. In colleges/universities,there are various groups. Examples are youth empowerment groups. You could join a book club,writers community,a volunteer group or a research group.

In Nigeria,there are other groups you can join outside of the university. These include STER (Stand To End Rape),LWB( Lady With Balls),Rainbow Bookclub,etc

Other tips include:


Starting a business

•Learn relevant skills

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