6 Most Amazing Fulani Hairstyles For Women Of All Ages!!! ||Beyouteekouture|fashion&lifestyle

6 Most Amazing Fulani Hairstyles For Women Of All Ages!!!  ||Beyouteekouture|fashion&lifestyle



Heyy beauties!!


       We all love braids,I mean even if we sometimes fell reluctant to do braids because we are scared of hair breakages(which is a myth BTW) or we sometimes do not know if we would look good with them,braids can be complicated but beautiful and fun way of adding creativity to your fashion.


     Braids are a part of the culture of African women and women of colour love rocking them.


Fulani braids like the name is said to have originated from the Fulani women,they also adorn these hairstyles with strings or ropes or little ringlets just to give it a fashionable look,the Fulani braids style is also related to the Ghana weaving we know of today.

Braids are so common and it never seems to go out of style,instead,it keeps getting dramatic and creative.

We know of celebrities who love rocking braided hairstyles,talk about Alicia Keys,Bo Derek,etc.

Below you’ll find 6 of our favourite Fulani styles to rock:



#wrapped ponytail

The wrapped ponytail look is our no. 1 on the list,a perfect style for all face shape.


#Nubian Princess Fulani braids

This is a perfect conservative choice for the confident woman who is just beginning to experiment with Fulani hairstyles,Go girl!!!


#Super long Dark braids with cuffs

If you love a dramatic look,Go for it!!


# Cornrows with artistic beaded &twisted bun

Oh yes that’s a long name/description,also a princess-like look…it’ll make you feel like royalty


#Simple center-part Fulani braids 

Looking for a simple look?,we v got you covered..this is great for the first timers of Fulani hairstyles or for those who wants to look simple and at the same time fashionable.


# Cleopatra-styled natural braids

One of my fav….this look is totally natural and unique,talk about dramatic too!!


So beauties,we  are at the end of our top 6 Fulani braided hairstyles,but be sure to check out my other posts!!


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