Men’s corner: The Unattractive Things You Do

Yes,we ladies do have different tastes and we can be quite selective,okay that’s an understatement,we can be reallllyyyy selective.


Let me ask you this question,have you ever met a girl and you both got along and then you do something which you thought was so cool and at the end of the day,you blew it all up into a light smoke which drifted into the air and beyond???? 

well it was your fault and I’m here to help you.. These are the things you should neither say nor ask a girl:



   Never ask her about a boy, directly or indirectly when you just met.. Seriously why do you guys do that.Obviously she would know you are trying to find out if she has a boyfriend…believe me it’s cheap (harsh I know) and it diminishes your ‘cool points’.



      Don’t try to act too gentlemanly.Every lady wants a free spirited man who doesnt pretend to be too cool and believe me we ladies can tell when a guy is pretending to be chivalrous…thats why I’m usually scared of this statement ‘you never know the real person until you marry or live with him/her’.


      Don’t be such a sexist..let her opinions matter,dont see her as an inferior being all because you are larger than her (not an innuendo)…let her pay the drinks,respect her opinions,let her make decisions on her own and don’t discourage her decisions all because  society has designated certain things as ‘the work of a woman’..oh please!… Just read Chimamanda Adichie’s book called ‘A Feminist Manifesto In Fifteen Suggestions’ 


Listen…. Always listen whenever she talks about her day, career, family,problems,etc…just listen.. Most importantly don’t only listen but also give your opinion or else she will get bored and move on to someone more interesting.


Don’t ask stupid questions…you know we ladies all have this temper inside us that makes us want to hit something or someone,especially when you ask a stupid question when she’s angry…for example she’s talking about how she almost got fired at work because of she voiced her thoughts on an issue and then you having listened to her goes on to ask ‘Is your boss still married?’ or stupid statements like ‘you shouldn’t have objected your bosses decision’….Man don’t ever say that to an angry lady, she could hit you, I would. 


Respect her… That’s just it.. Be respectful man! 


Be loyal


Tell her when you are angry with her… If you keep it to yourself for fear of starting a fight then you must be a coward… I understand why you would want to avoid quarrelling with your girl but let me tell you one secret… (whispering) girls love it when you act all annoyed with themy, we love the fights… Because at the end of the day, we feel remorseful and try to apologize..  And by apologizing, I mean dressing up all sexy and cooking your favourite meal with candles and wine and dessert just just so we can feel like Jezebel in the Bible (Lol).  Yeah that was one tip! 


Ladies love it when you are productive and intelligent,you don’t have to be soo rich (although that’s a bonus)… Just don’t be a wind without direction.


Never kiss her on a first date. Take it slow,let her miss you… Unless you have an arrangement…

Never date your ex’s best friend,cousin,friend’s friend sister, etc… Believe me you will b in the middle because we girls love making fun of our ex’s stupidity and they could be ganging up against you.. I’m serious.. 


Gifts,Money,Outings,Flowing conversations….they mean the world to we ladies.

Smell nice…please and please..Ladies hate body odour…we do!! 


Don’t visit her unannounced…i have nothing else to add.. Just don’t do it.. 


Your dressing matters slot, it also determines how a lady will treat you,trust me. 


Don’t interrupt during girl talks, you are not a woman.


Love her movies, her Telemundo series, her Indian movies, her horror movies,love it all.


Don’t act cowardly,its really not attractive.


soo guys!… Hope this helps.. To the ladies reading this post,you can add some other stuff you dislike about men in the comment section…also y’all don’t forget to like and comment below. 

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