A day in my life +bonus topic

A day in my life  +bonus topic

|Hi Reader|

….I got the inspiration to write this post from a fellow blogger. I have thought about sharing something personal to my readers.Sit tight!!

Alarm rings!

I’m not a fan of setting alarms,but whenever I’m home for the holiday,I set alarms because of my chores. I’ve gotten so used to waking up by five every week days and Sundays,that I sometimes wake up 5a.m,even without the alarm.

The first thing I do when the alarm rings is to turn it off,then I think of how to stand up for about 10 minutes,lol. Next I say a short prayer,and get on with my chores.

8.am to 8:30am

From 8 a.m-8:30a.m my chores are usually finished for the morning,the next thing I do is to make cup of green tea,ginger tea or apple cider,then I have breakfast.


During the holidays,I sometimes stay in my mum’s shop so at 9:30 I start getting ready to go to the store.

I stay in my mum’s store till 6 p.m,usually I close earlier than that but the designated time is six p.m.

Probably wondering what I do for fun,but I’ll blog about that later.

When I get home in the evening,I eat dinner,have my bath and watch some movies or read and I sleep…that’s it!

Comments? None?

Well that was a summary of what I do on a boring day,but most days are fun.

Bonus Topic!!

Books I’m currently loving

I’ve been read these books online and I wanted to share it to the book lovers,its a must read

  • Children of blood and bone’ by Tomi Adeyemi

  • Gone with the wind’ by Margaret Mitchell

  • The color purple

  • ‘Black holes and baby universes’by Stephen Hawkings

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