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A Tale of Tales || Ghosts

I walked past the church which had been closed down due to the lockdown. Everywhere seemed so quiet,and eerie,especially since the gatekeeper of the cemetery wasn’t there,now I feel the ghosts looking at me,watching my every move. I didn’t used to feel that way whenever the gatekeeper was around,but now that everywhere is quiet and empty,I couldn’t help but feel scared. I could swearing heard footsteps behind me,and whispers in my ear.

A cold chill ran up my spine as I passed the cemetery, not looking back or sideways. I quickly walked to the grocery store which was two junctions away from my house. When I got there,there was nobody around,the store was opened,but the lights were turned off. ‘Anyone here’;I asked the still air,but there was no reply.

Thankfully,I had my phone with me,so I turned on my torch. I shrugged and took what I needed. I left some money on the counter,and left.

When I walked out of the store,I saw two kids playing in the park,not far from the store. I walked towards them,glancing around for their parents,so that I could tell them that it was now against the law to be in such a public place.

But when I got there,a horrific sound pierced my ears,the children were gone in a flash. In a panic mode,I ran as fast as I could to houses nearby,banging on their doors to tell them what had happened. The first person opened,but smiled and shook her head at me,she closed the door in my face. The next two did the same.

I was so confused. Why are they not listening??? Why do they smile??? They all had this eerie smile that it felt like they already knew what had happened.

I was left alone in the empty street. I sat on the floor for minutes,wondering if I should just go home.

I stood up and looked up at the sky. I saw two huge pair of eyes in the sky,watching me. I freaked out and ran and ran,daring to not look up,I hit my head on a pole. A few minutes later,I came to,but a million pair of hands were dragging me,pulling my hands and feet,rubbing my face,dragging me towards the cemetery. I screamed till it felt my heart would burst open.

I realised it was all a dream,for I screamed,now wide awake on my bed,struggling to breathe,at the same time,feeling relieved that it was all a dream. Immediately,the clock struck 12 a.m….

Horror stories have got to be my favourite genre. This is part of my short story collection. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section

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