A Trip To December:Bucket list for the last month of the year

A Trip To December:Bucket list for the last month of the year

‘A tray is a tray which we named a tray’ (okay where did that come from???)

December is literally the last month of the year and I already wrote a list of things I would do in the course of my preparation for the New year.

There was a time when the only thing I looked forward to was the weather,strange as that may be,my December used to be boring.


Okay I wont give the juicy details of all that have been going on this past year,but you’ll read about it in my next post.

I can only tell you that this year have been all about me learning lessons and moving on in various aspects.


In a previous article,I wrote about self care and I have to say,I have really been into it this year.

As a treat I decided to write about a few things to get you started on the new year:

  • Road Photography

Road photography is one of the most adventurous and fun and unique ways of taking pictures…I couldn’t upload an original picture,perks of having your phone stolen.

Be warned,it has to be a quiet street or an abandoned road and you are good to go.

Road photography is sort of casual and daring and also unique in it’s way.. okay I’m using some words..

A friend of mine asked me the best time of the day to take picture and I told her aesthetic pictures are best taken in the morning. I find that I get the best out of it even if the camera is not of the highest quality,taking a picture early in the morning gives it a nice tone. What do you think?

Sooooo add this to your bucket list for December and before the new year you can tick it off your list.

  • Watch A Horror Movie Alone

Yessss the one thing most people dread,I’m included.

Whenever I want to watch a horror movie,I tend to invite a friend lover to watch it with me..but last summer I watched “Stranger Things”,alone, and I had fun.

Okay maybe it’s because it’s not as scary as ‘The conjuring’ or ‘IT’. Watch a horror movie alone!!!…jeez

  • Give 50 Compliments in a day

I see you imagining how many people you could possibly meet in a day. When you give compliments,you actually add to your star of goodwill and involuntarily you feel happy through the day when you give compliments. If you haven’t been giving enough,now is the time to start,make people smile this month of December.

  • Visit The Oprhanage

Tis the season of giving!!..well even if it isn’t December yet,add this to your bucket list. A friend of mine visited makoko in Lagos state and the items donated was deeply appreciated.

Heads up!!

If you’d like to help and share some goodwill,the link is down below,you can donate or get the address of the nearest orphanage to you.

Link here–


  • Have a collection

I love to collect stuff,for example you could own a jar where you store whatever thing you find,even if you don’t use them. I collect ‘rings’…I’m a big fan of this accessory,so whenever I visit a store or a roadside vendor and I find any type of ring that interests me,I buy them,and i keep them in my jar of rings..Haha..

It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that doesn’t perish,it kind of serves as ateminder of places I’ve been to. Whenever I go out,I tend to buythings that would remind of me of the place….Its nice

I just got these today!

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Thanks for the list of options. Now, December won’t be boring for me. Gracias mi amigos


I’m soooo glad you liked it