A University Student’s Guide to Having the Best Mornings

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I’m the perfect definition of a night owl(figuratively). I’m someone who loves sleeping but find it hard to. At 1.am I would still be awake. Not chatting online. No. Just other stuff..I could scroll through Instagram for a long time ,if not Instagram,it would be YouTube or Bloglovin or Twitter,without thinking about my data. Well,until I get a message saying ‘your data balance is remaining 10mb’. Most mornings I would wake up with a swollen face and a mild headache. Basically,that’s how it was for me until I decided to learn some new habits:

The first thing I did was to limit the time I spend online.I saved more data that way☝️😌.

I recently started doing this and it’s so fulfilling,especially when you start ticking off what you’ve done. Before bed I always write what I would do the next day in a journal. Sometimes I forget and so I write it in the morning.As a student you could do a to do list of topics or subtopics you plan to read. The best feeling comes when you tick them off. Plus it makes reading more efficient. (Tips!).

This is probably one of the most effective remedy for a good morning. As annoying as it is,its always best. Waking up early gives me time to get things done,also I get extra time to revise my notes on the course I’ll be having that morning. I get to exercise and eat breakfast,and by the time I get to class,I would be fully prepared for the day. I noticed that waking up late disorganises my day,I would be in a hurry to get to class and my day would just be a rush.

I can’t stress this any further. I used to think it didn’t make sense to drink water right before bed,but I’ll tell you a secret-It works like magic!! Whenever I drink water before bed I always feel relaxed and energised the next day. Also for students who prefer reading at night,drinking water actually helps to keep one awake.still doubting? Try it.

This is one advice I would give to someone who expects to have a good morning. I observed that whenever I eat junks before bed,I always feel slow and less inspired to do anything the next morning.

As much as I watch movies and browse the internet,I try not to loose sight of what’s important. Being a student of EnglishLiterature is one of the best thing that has happened to me. I love what I study and I try to do my best in each courses I take per semester. It feels good to wake up each morning knowing you’ve read a topic or a chapter and crossed it off your todo list.

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