ANKARA CATALOGUE: Dinner/inspiration

Ankara styles: dinner/wedding inspiration

Okay ladies now let’s get in formatio!!!


Soooooo these Ankara designs were inspired by dinner night in Bowen university which is every second semester in which all students get to dress like a princess with their date

….oh well maybe I’m adding a little extra story…my sis told me about dinner night in Bowen and I guess it’s also for all private unis…

So students,ladies and ladies..check out styles for that special occasion,call it wedding or dinner or whichever…I’ve got u covered!!!



Go for unique


Go for class


go for sexy and unique



Go for frills


short? Yay/nay



how about creative






comfy and fun



simple and elegant



nice and sexy




cute and sexy


talk about classy and gorgeous!!






Hope this was helpful ya


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