soo I was going out with my bestie to an event and she wore a really hideous Ankara style and I was like ‘whyyyy?, did you annoy your tailor? ‘ because I know my friend as a fashion guru and I was so surprised but we all know how disappointing tailors can be.  She had to wear it because the Ankara was the designated material for the event, so she had t OK wear it so she wouldn’t look odd.


So she wore the style which made her look ten years older. 

she actually inspired me to blog on this issue of finding the right style to suit your person… Soooo scroll up and let’s get started!!!


Something dramatic?


want something dramatic?,don’t go for a straight gown,go for ruffles,flays,short lengths and don’t forget,your hair game crowns it up. But for now we are not focusing on hairstyles.


Kimonos, yay or nay? 



That’s a yes for me, I loveee Kimonos. It’s got this air of independence and confidence to it…. Want to look confident and stylish at the same time??… Go for it



The less Ankara,the better. For non-ankara lovers



I know some. I know some people don’t like Ankara because it makes them feel older or too traditional,i dunno you can give me more reasons in the comment section.

If you want styles with less Ankara then check them out. 



Cute and comfortable??






who doesn’t want to be comfortable in their clothes,I do!… 




Okay, I may have called some styles my favourite, but, off shoulders are my absolute favs!…not only will they make you look cute, but also make you look classy and feminine…. Go for it! 



chic and womanly



I admit I’m not a fan of Iro and Buba,but you just have to know how to slay on them to prevent looking old, make the wrapper short and use really high heels to look sexy.


check out more




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