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Basic stuff you need as a makeup artist

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If you are an up coming makeup artist,then I’ve got you,you’ll need:

Primer water 

       Primer water is the best option for those trying to minimise the cost of buying a primer and then a setting spray. I’m sure you were expecting me to write a Face Primer as the first thing but primer won’t be on this list.

The primer water can be used before and after makeup application which makes this a great hack for saving money.  It’s one of the basic thing you should have in your makeup bag/box if you are just starting out as a makeup artist.

I use Kiss beauty primer water,it’s great cos it gives an after glow.



Beauty Blender 

   Okay….who else was expecting a ‘brush set’?…well that also will not be listed. I dunno if im the only one but some times,I use just one beauty blender to apply my foundation concealer,even powder…I usually reserve using brushes for my clients. Brushes are great but if you are trying to minimise,having a beauty blender can go a long way to help.




Yeah ,I know what you are thinking…Why do i need a moisturizer of all things?…oh well,here’s the answer…Moisturizers make the makeup pop more and also increase the wear. It works for just have to find a great moisturizer. I always add about four drops of lavender oil and two teaspoons of rose oil or rose water to my moisturizer…you should try it!!.



A palette

Eyeshadows should definitely be on the list because you’ve got to be able to create some eyeshadow looks!!

I recommend buying Morphe Eyeshadow in 35A,I already did the review, you shoukd check it out!


Foundation or bb cream

bb creams are a yay for me…I usually make mine….I already blogged on “bb creams so check it out…foundation and bb creams are also part of the basic things you should add to your kit.





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You’re right! It is the basics! I use more than that for myself 😂😂 good read!!


I’m glad it was helpful😊


You’re right! It is the basics! I use more than that just for me! Good read!!


Wow! You make your own bb cream?? Excellent!!



Kourtney Sweeney

Thank you for the tips! 😀