Beautiful Being You!

‘How can she look so gorgeous?’,I asked myself once while checking some pictures on Instagram.She had gorgeous tan,spotless skin,glowing too,and that face,damn.

you see,some of our issues are our personal faults.I learnt after looking in the mirror and seeing that beautiful bod,face God gifted me as a lady,not to compare myself with others.I know we females love comparing and competing.

As a lady i have faced alot of struggles because of my breakouts.I have tried alot of things on my face from organic to chemicals,pills,etc.

It came to a point where I lost my confidence.Anywhere I went,people asked me ‘girl,what happened to your face?’ …asking for the obvious.I couldn’t stand it anymore so I started using a whole bunch of stuff like facial scrubs,face massager,face wash,clay masks,essential oils (lavender,vitamin E,C,etc),rosewater….A whole lot of products one would think I want to open a spa business.funnily enough they didn’t work for me.I had already used organics like avocado,honey,lemon,ACV,coconut oil,you name it.

So eventually I gave up,I got so frustrated,I was tired of covering my face with make-up and i went bare.I woke up one day and decided that I wouldn’t care what people say because much more people call me beautiful..i am beautiful the way i am,breakouts and all.

Dear beautiful readers,this is not an inspirational story,i just want to let you know you are pretty.Just like the musician-Alessa Cara said,”No scars to your beautiful”.

keep shining


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