Beauty Bloggers corner (part one),my top fav makeup artists!!


Yes lets get started!..So I’d like to do a little summary of what bloggers corner is all about.If u keep up with me you get to have alot of fun.So im going to be stalking a few top makeup artists😊 like “Tonia X”(IG),lolademlpro (IG),Kehinde Smith,Dinma Umeh and Kaiser Coby.

And im gonna tell you who they are,the products they use most,what i observed about them…flaws and all..and a little personal story of theirs…just a little!

So I’m going to start with interviews and gove you guyz a feedback though i will be posting about a few other topics and thats why you see this write-up as ‘part one’.

So beauties,follow up and dont miss this.

To be continued…..

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