‘Binti’ by Nnedi Okorafor: Book Review

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Writing a review of this book has been a part of my goals for the year,and now I finally get to tick it off my to-do list.

Binti is a short novel written by Nnedi Okorafor,and was published in the year 2015. Book lovers who have read some of her books would notice that Nnedi Okorafor writes majorly on fiction. I love reading her books because they take you to a whole new dimension. She writes so creatively that one would wonder how she came up with the scenes and the characters. But I guess that’s how unique writers are..

Binti takes us through a girl’s journey to a new land,she defies her tradition and goes to a place entirely different to her hometown.The character,Binti,is portrayed as a courageous girl,she stands out among the others.

Stupid stupid stupid,” I whispered. We Himba don’t travel. We stay put. Our ancestral land is life; move away from it and you diminish. We even cover our bodies with it. Otjize is red land. Here in the launch port, most were Khoush and a few other non-Himba. Here, I was an outsider; I was outside. “What was I thinking?” I whispered.I was sixteen years old and had never been beyond my city, let alone near a launch station. I was by myself and I had just left my family. My prospects…

Page 8;chapter one

From the excerpt above,we see that it took a lot of a courage for a young girl of her age to leave her hometown.

Binti leaves Himba Land to study at Oomza University,without her parents knowing.The action encompasses Binti’s journey to the university,and so we were not able to learn about Binti’s life in the university. Basically the fiction revolves around Binti’s journey to Oomza uni.

This ship boarded was hijacked by the Meduse,an alien specie who had been at war with the Khosh(a human ethnic group).All the other students were killed by the Meduse,except her. Binti hid in a corner for days,with the Meduse trying to kill her,but they couldn’t. It is later revealed that Binti was in possession of an alien technology called the Edan. Not only did it protect her but it also enabled her to communicate with the Meduse.

Al the end,we learn about the reason why the Meduse waged war against the humans.

When Binti finally got to Oomza University,she was able to negotiate a truce between the Humans and the Meduse,even Okwu,Binti’s new friend who was also a Meduse,became a student at Oomza University.

That’s basically the summary of the book.Its definitely a must read. The book takes one to a whole new level. The writer is able to imagine these vivid images and create a whole new dimension.

I read the soft copy but if you would like to buy the hardcopy of this book. I would recommend you buying from the stores below



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