Blog ||I’ve missed you

Blog ||I’ve missed you

Ahhhhhh the feeling of actually having something to say.

Lately I’ve been having ‘writers block’. The worst part is I can’t even figure out a topic to blog about. But I’m diving deeper into a sea of different topics. I woke up today at 3 a.m and started thinking of topics to blog about. Imagine. I thought alot about things and I also realised I lack consistency on my blog.

I came up with an idea. I want to start a 16-days challenge. Starting from tomorrow the 15th of January 2019.

what’s it going to be about?

I will be answering questions here on the blog. But it would be just one question per day. For 16 days.

The questions won’t be necessarily about me. It could be about a random topic.

dear reader,if you need a medium to ask me any questions. Ask me on my Instagram page. The link is below.

Or ask me via mail.

Let’s do this challenge together.

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Welcome back to blogging!! Happy new year!!


Welcome back! This is a neat challenge!