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Business Ideas For College Students

|Hi Reader| 😁😁😁😁 Welcome back to my blog!!!!!

I am so excited to write this article because it’s my favourite topic for the month-lets talk business.

So I’m not going to be formal here at all,having a side-business is one of the best decisions a student can make. It has so many advantages. In fact I will list them below:


  • When you start a business while in your freshman year or your sophomore year, you rarely notice the struggles at the beginning,and you would noticed a huge growth when you are done with college. Growth in the sense that,you will no longer be a rookie in the business (can you count the number of times I’ve used the word “business” in this article????? Lol),by the time you are done with school,your business would be a fully grown brand,upgraded and more profitable.
  • Having a business while in college can earn you extra income
  • You would be a boss at a young age
  • You get to be fully independent
  • You can start small
  • It is a great way to prepare for your career. This is because you get to have the experience of running a business no matter how small it is. You could add it your resume. Having a business in school doesn’t mean you wouldn’t use your certificate to work after graduation

Develop Your Brand

β€œThe biggest challenge that students have when transitioning to the job force is that they are starting from scratch. Think ahead and begin developing your personal brand while still in school. Get involved. Establish yourself as a thought leader. Start a blog. Make connections. Those who are intentional and strategic about how they want to present themselves make stellar candidates and stand out from the rest of their competition.” – Brette Rowley, Career Coach

There are alot of advantages to having your own brand while in college. But lets get to the main course😁


There a few things to note before starting a business. The first is to be sure you are skilled in the area of work. For example,you have to know how to repair stuff in order to work as a handyman. Simple. Also,the capital needs to be taken into consideration,ask yourself–do I have enough money to buy my goods? Or do have enough money to buy the materials I need?

Why do I have a feeling that I’m making this a bit complicated?πŸ€” It’s not though..

Drum roll!!!


  1. You could be a Retailer. Buying and selling goods online or in person.
  2. You could start a YouTube channel.
  3. You could start a blog .
  4. You could work as a writer and an editor while in school.
  5. You could work as a social media influencer.
  6. You could work as a real estate agent,by helping people find a house according to their needs.
  7. You could own a cleaning/janitorial service,where you employ a few people to work as cleaners,this is a great way to own a brand with very little capital.

You could also work as:

  1. A photographer (skills required)
  2. An Artist(skills required)
  3. Makeup Artist(skills required)
  4. Hair Stylist(skills required)
  5. A Fashion Designer(skills required)
  6. A Caterer/Baker(skills required)
  7. An interior designer (skills required)

Other ideas:

  1. Graphic designing
  2. Event planning
  3. Forex trading
  4. Web designing
  5. Footwear designing
  6. Social media marketing

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