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A Lady’s Guide To The Ultimate Selfcare: PART ONE

|Hi Reader| I'm super excited to blog about this,especially since summer is coming!!! You know,since 'winter has passed' (if you know what i mean *winks*). okay.fine. I was refering to the series 'Game of Thrones',if you guessed right,then ,cheers. Tell mewhat you found most annoying about the last season in the comment section. BACK TO… Continue reading A Lady’s Guide To The Ultimate Selfcare: PART ONE

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Revisiting March ||lifestyle

|Hi Reader|               WHERE DO I START FROM?????!!!      I've been feeling a bit blue,I figured blogging would probably lighten my mood.  Right now,I'm almost on the verge of tears. Reasons,unknown.  Like have you ever felt the need to just  shut yourself out of the world and pour out whatever you have been weighing you… Continue reading Revisiting March ||lifestyle


Dwelling Into The Life Of An Oil Palm Farmer

|Hi Reader| welcome to my blog. Yesterday,I had a talk with an Oil Palm Farmer. His name is Ajibola Bateco. The CEO of Bateco Farms. Nigeria is blessed with alot of resources ranging from coal,clay,limestone,Glass sand,zinc,Gold and some other unpopular resources. Even a few are yet to be exploited. E.g Kaolin,Marble and Barites. Nigeria is… Continue reading Dwelling Into The Life Of An Oil Palm Farmer


Storytime || My First Ferry Ride In Lagos

Hi Reader! Lagos is surrounded by a vast area of Lagoons. It is no surprise that they also have a stable and reliable means of water transportation. My first Ferry experience was in 2015. I was going to the beach with a few friends. We just wanted to have fun before the 25th of December… Continue reading Storytime || My First Ferry Ride In Lagos


Day 15

Thanks Precious for your question. It would be a lie if I say I haven't been hurt before. As for changing me....nah I think worse things have happened that may have changed me,but a broken friendship isn't one of them. One more question!!! And our challenge will be over. To those who have been participating,thankxxxx