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Today it’s all about skincare. Awhile ago I got this claymask from Deospa and I haven’t used it at all. Today I will be doing a first impression review on it.


This is how it looks..

Deo Spa offers alot of organic skincare products like:

And many more organic products…


This is how it looks like after mixing its powdery content. I mixed two teaspoons in rosewater. You could mix your clay mask using water,but I felt rosewater would add more moisture to my skin after I rinse the clay off my face.

This is the Rosewater I’m using..

And this is how it looks after mixing

Time to Apply

Before applying it on my face,I made sure I washed my face. To do that,I used Black Soap, and then for extra cleansing,I used this:

I have almost used it up☺️ ..its my holy grail..

I rinsed my face afterwards..

To apply the claymask,I used a brush,finally this is how I look:

Then I let it dry,then rinsed it off after 30 minutes and then massaged my face with honey for 3 minutes.After rinsing the honey from my face,I applied my Cocoa Butter moisturizer.

After Moisturising

Phewwww,at last,I’m done. That was refreshing. I just gained a new facial routine,although I don’t think I would be doing this everyday😆


My first thought after applying it was that it would be heavy on my face. It gets really thick after mixing. I would advise anyone using it to not add alot of water when mixing.

It doesn’t have a smooth texture,which is one of the reasons why I like it,it felt like I was in a spa.

In addition to that,it has this tingling feeling after applying. It feel cool on the skin and stings a little;this is another reason why I like this Claymask.

The only downside to this product is how messy it gets when applying,I had to go to the sink so that the products wouldn’t drip on the floor when applying,ther than this,I think its perfect.

I definitely noticed a difference in my skin,even though this is the first time I’m using this product. My skin feels smooth and my pores are less visible.

Finally,I would definitely recommend you checking out this brand,because their products are organic,and affordable. There are also variety of skincare products to pick from. I’ll definitely get their Hibiscus Powder,if you would like a review of that,tell me in the comment section.

The link to their store is down below:


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