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A Student’s Guide To Surviving College ||

|Hi Reader|

The title of this article would tell that this is the first part,and so,I’m dedicating this to college students. I know how it feels to have these emotions and uncertainties,as a college student. There was a time when I got frustrated because of the stress I was going through in school,and I would get more worked up because there was nothing to look forward to at home,or my hostel,with time,I developed routines and activities that would complete my day and also make me feel productive. I’ve got a few tips to share,so…..keep reading!

  • The first tip is to not be too emotionally attached to alot of people. This may seem like a cold option but it the truth,you may feel a large group of people are your friends all beacuse you have conversations a few times,you shouldn’t reveal too much of yourself to people especially if they dont do the same. You may end up regretting why you opened up,after realising they don’t feel the same. Know the difference between an acquaintance and a friend.
  • The fewer friends,the better. This tip is almost related to my first tip. As a college student,you should bear in mind that college is not for making a large group of friends whom you might later forget about,meaningful relationships are formed with fewer friends, As long as you have people you can relate with both academically and socially,then you’re good.
  • Go thrift shopping.If you’ve never done this,then you are missing out on the cutest items you would never find in a fancy boutique. Here in Nigeria,we call thrift clothes -.Okrika’ or ‘OK’ clothes. Some people find it difficult because they think thrift shopping is for those who are ‘poor’,lol,I just used someone’s exact words. As a student,I find it fun,going to the market and picking the cutest clothes,you even get the best jackets in a thrift store. Its a fun activity,especially on days when you have extra’ cash’ to spend.
  • Have a skin care routine. I always make sure I wash my face and use a good moisturiser on my face before bed.This is basically my skincare routine,but you can spice yours up a little,by doing facials and exfoliating your skin. Usually,I do this after studying or doing a little revision (school work),my skincare routine is the last thing I do before going to bed,and this completes my day. Sometimes I try to evaluate how my day went,I sleep,knowing my day was productive. Its not quite simple,sometimes,I get so disorganised,that I just go to sleep immediately I get home and I forget to do my skin routine or even revise my notes.(not cool,I know).
  • Drink lots of water. Yes, I said it. If you dont want to look like a dried leaf(too much?),water helps you glow up,literally.All you have to do is,get a cool and portable water-bottle.
  • Read books. The best way to develop youself as a college student is to READ.Visit the library,also find a reading partner,beauty is not complete without intelligence.
  • Have sleepovers on friday nights. You can either stay over at a friends or they could come over,you guys could study or watch movies. This is a part of college life,the promise of a mode of de-stressing after attending lectures and studying. I always make sure to do something fun on friday night,I either cook something I’ve been craving or binge watch series and cartoons. I do these only when I feel that I’ve earned,I study mostly from sunday to thursday,then revise on Saturdays. This brings us to our next tip.
  • Create a study plan.This keeps you organised and productive,as long as you stick to your study plan.
  • Keep a journal. A Journal could contain your plan for the next day,your study plan/timetable,to-do list,etc.
  • Sad days? Eat chocolate.
  • One important tip is to decorate your apartment,let it be your little home.
  • College is the best time to work on yourself,dont waste the opportunity you have.Try new things,think about your career,set achievable goals.
  • Workout
  • Have a side-hustle. If you dont have a side job,its still okay,but having a side-hustle trains you to be independent. This could be an after-school job.

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