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Day 1 ||what is your view on the word ‘Misogyny’?

Misogyny is a dislike or prejudice against women. It means seeing women as people who have no right to be opinionated.

Misogynists feel they have a right to do things or say things with disrespect to women. They feel dislike towards women who are subordinate,women who can stand up for themselves and make their own decisions.

Example; If a woman holds a high position over a man and the man responds by calling her a series of gendered vulgarities,that is misogyny.

Misogyny encompasses class, race,gender identity,along with sexism.

One of the ways Misogyny spreads in the society

Misogyny has existed in the society for centuries. One of the reasons it still exist is that it is passed down from generation to generation. There is a saying,that;

‘You carry along,what you are taught at home to wherever you go’.

Some Misogynists assume that women are inferior because that is how it was in the old times.

The second reason is that people get these poor opinions of women through some medium.

It can be seen in books,films,and articles. And so,misogynists feel it is the norm.

I imagine a society without stereotypes,where everyone is free to be whatever they want to be without prejudice. A society void of misogyny.

Is that possible??


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