Day 4 || What does Uli (Uri) mean in Igboland?

Day 4 || What does Uli (Uri) mean in Igboland?

|Hi Reader |

Day 4!!!

We are moving up and I’m really getting questions from people. I wouldn’t be able to do this challenge without your participation.

Moving on to the question…

What is Uli in Igboland?

I’m so intrigued by History. Majorly,African cultures. So I got excited when I was asked this question.

I’m not a native of Igbo. Rather I’m a cool and curious Edo girl. During my research,I stumbled on this interesting fact about Igbo culture.


Uli is also known as Uri. It is an integral part of igbo culture. It has been seen as a basic form of art and creativity among women.

Uli is a feminine form of art. It is a form of writing on the body.

Traditionally,Uli body drawing is a real boost to a woman’s ego because,it gives satisfaction and confidence to any woman decorated with it.

It’s also one of the things I love about Igbo culture.

Some pictures of Uli Art

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