Dear Future Me ||

Dear Future Me  ||

Dear future me,

Its me in your early 20s. Looks like we made it up to here. You’ve finally become a young independent woman just like you’ve always dreamed.

I hope you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for? I know that life is tough,but don’t give up. I know you probably feel scared of the future,but it will always get better.

Don’t give up on that goal. I hope you’ve forgotten all that happened,you know what I’m talking about.

Just a quick tip;Don’t settle for less,no matter how much you desire something.If its not good for you then don’t do it. Its okay for everyone to not like you. Also don’t be too impatient.

There will be times when you won’t be able to control how you feel about certain things,know that only you can control how you react.So glad we made it! Know that I’m working hard for you,keep doing what you love. Keep being efficient,because its a God-given talent,don’t stop singing,because,its a part of who you are.Don’t let things get to you easily.

I know you are still working on being an inspiration to people,keep it up. Note that everything is not a competition,don’t rush.Be confident,but not loud. Forgiveness is hard,but you just have to forgive,and sometimes you don’t have to ‘forget.

I hope you are at peace. I hope hope you finally learned that there is happiness in the littlest things.I’m still learning though. I wonder if you still continued Forex trading,did you give up? Also do you still keep a stash of junk foods???. wow,you still do,don’t you?

Remember to always exercise and practice selfcare. Oh right!,stop being suspicious of everybody.

Concerning love,I wonder if you’ve found someone who can tolerate your personality.Remember our vow(shhhhhh..don’t tell). I hope he is someone who is always happy and comfortable around you. I hope he respects your principles,I hope he does’nt play on your emotions. I know you are not flawless,so make sure you don’t stay in a relationship where you have to change who you are.

Lastly,trust your struggle.

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Adeyinka Fisayo
Adeyinka Fisayo

Nice, inspiring piece, well done girl!