Dear Woman,kedu? ||

nile ga-oma (all will be well)..

I feel so trapped.

They wouldn’t let me play with the toy cars and lorries,mama would always call me inside to hurry. “Come with me to the kitchen” she would say,especially after Mass on Sunday,when Mr.Martins and his family would visit. I would always join mama to cook and fry the Turkey. We would then make the jollof rice or Fried Rice.

Papa always said that every Sunday is for Rice. One day while cooking with mama,she said to me “Kamsiyoona,I want you to always stay in the kitchen when I’m cooking,so that you will learn.who would be cooking for your husband if you dont know how to cook?”

Whenever I play lorries with my brother Chima,mama would say;

“don’t play on the floor Kamsi,drop that toy,its for boys,be ladylike and go and make the Abacha in the kitchen.”

I grew up with the notion that I was to always be prim and proper. That it was a woman’s job to serve the opposite sex. I grew up thinking as a girl,I should only play with dolls.

Now I am a Sophomore in a State University,studying Literature. I remember two years ago,I had an argument with Papa.

He said that going to the university would be a waste of time.

“Chief Okpara’s son will be coming back from overseas next month for your hand.”

Thankfully,Uncle interfered and sponsored my education.

I finally graduated and decided to do my masters in Journalism,but Mama and Papa said too much education would frighten the man.

Reader!…I wrote this to the woman who feels suffocated by stereotypes of women having to act in a certain way. It’s not easy,but we’ll get through this.

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