Diary of A Nigerian Blogger #Series 2

Diary of A Nigerian Blogger  #Series 2

Here i am,lying on my bed and eating a chocolate bar while also drinking Apple cider water.

Don’t you judge me.I just feel that the Apple cider washes down the sugar….is that healthy??

Soooo i havent blogged for weeks.My life have been SUPER exciting,not that blogging isnt.


Summer break is over and I sort of resumed late because of things I’ll tell you about if you keep reading.

As for school,I have been busy with reading and attending lectures.


Do you know that moment when disastrous(i kind off exaggerated) things start happening all at once and you just feel like the universe is literally against you??..

..that’s how i felt the last two weeks before resumption.

So I’m just a normal girl who knows she has to help her mum in the store especially during the holiday. Im sure most people like me dont find it fun but its kinda fulfilling.

My mum sells clothing fabrics and jewellery,shoes,bags and extensions which she buys abroad or here in Nigeria. Sometimes I and my sisters help to watch the store…okay okay im stalling for the main part.

It was a Friday and then a mature and sensible looking man walked into the store saying he wants to buy Ankara material for his Aunt,guess what?

He was actually so serious about it,he pointed to a particular one,we(I and my sister) showed him the material and he liked it. He then asked for a matching head tie which we Nigerians call ‘gele’,we showed him a gold color since he had chosen a wine themed Ankara.

Next we started talking about price,he said he wouldnt be able to afford it and he left.

Now comes the shock..


It turns out that his intention was to walk into the store to steal anything stealable(if there ever was a word like that).

The man had already left and was not anywhere to he found by the time i had realised my phone was missing.

My first reaction

At first I was shocked..do you know like the movies where the actor would sit on the floor and then rest their hands on their head?…I did that. .

Two minutes later I started searching everywhere in the store for my phone even when i know theres no hope of me finding it..ever..

After searching to no avail,I sat and cried a little. .then i laughed …seriously i laughed!!….

I wanted to slap myself for laughing but i realised that when one is shocked,it means you just dunno how to react to a situation. ..

Later that evening i told my mum.

Why the phone was so important

Every phone is suppose to be important because it contains a lot of private stuff..mine contained many.

First my pictures..I know what you are thinking…but believe me ..i have pictures of my family ..our house and so on..i wouldn’t have felt so bad if my phone got spoilt but i felt so exposed ..I miss my pdf files,my MUSIC,my awesome games,my SCREEN SHOTS (i had more than a thousand screenshots)…

The one thing that made the phone important was that it was a new phone,barely 2months old…it was also quite expensive. …which means not so easily replaceable…now i have to wait till December to buy a new one…hopefully. .right now im using my sister’s spare.

Another shocking revelation…

On Saturday I had gone to a supermarket to get some items,I gave my ATM card to the cashier …guess what??



The theif had drained my account clean..the POS machine couldn’t cash in because of Insufficient funds…i used the extra cash i had instead to pay for the things i bought.

I went to bank after checking my emails for the previous transactions summary …i was asked to change my number which i did.

One thing i couldn’t understand was how the thief took the money because my BVN no. wasnt on my phone,neither was my password on it.

All in all,i blocked the number i used to register my account and so that ends the phone episode.

An accident..

After everything that happened to me,you would think nothing worse could happen right???…..Nooooo

Something just had to happen


On the day i went to an Etisalat mobile outlet to retrieve my Sim card ,since my phone had been stolen….I fell in the middle of the road!!!….Thank goodness the road wasn’t busy.

I tripped on a rod and got bruises on my leg…i also had a deep cut close to my knee…

Someone helped me up and got water which i used to clean my bruised leg….

And that moment i almost cried because of all the stress and then the fall. But i didnt.

The situation was kind off funny…all these happened in one week….you would think a dark cloud had passed. …jeez

Focusing on the positive

One thing i learned the past few day was that it could have been worse but it wasn’t. ….it also taught me a lesson to be careful and that I’m not as invinsible nor immune to terrible incidents. …

This is just part two in my series of ‘Diary of a Nigerian Blogger’

Stay clicked….

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