Heels Crisis ||lifestyle

Heels Crisis ||lifestyle

       Hi reader,


      Today’s post is about a common mistake we all most liking frown upon. It’s about the “toe overhang “ you know that ugly awkward look when your toes are hanging out from your heels,  Yes love, that’s the toe overhang.

      Well, I was thinking about what my post should be about and I just happened to recall this fashion blunder that really creeps me out and makes me want to give the wearer a solid knock on the head(lol, yeah honey, it’s that bad), I just facepalm when I see it and go “why did she have to ruin such a good look with that”, the toe overhang is a capital NO, first of all it’s ugly and frowned upon, it’s super uncomfortable and it makes the whole look ewwish. Remember that quote (the first thing people notice when they see you are your shoes, so wear nice shoes) it’s absolutely true, if I spot out a great look and then I rate it a 9/10, if I notice a toe overhang, best believe honey that I’m going to reduce it a 6/10.

 So honey, when getting your heels make sure they fit probably, no bits or pieces of feet hanging out, get the right size, don’t just purchase it cause it’s pretty/ cute,  make sure it’s comfortable and suits you, cause your shoes add points to your look, so don’t make us raise our brows at your wardrobe malfunction (toe overhang) and go all fashion police on you. It’s not a good look and no one likes it.


The key to getting the right heels, is getting cute heels that fits, that you are comfortable in and that works for you. No TOE OVERHANG !


How about you?  What’s your take on the “Toe overhang ” ? Tell me what you think in the comment section.

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