Henna!!!:cool stuffs you need to know!

Henna!!!:cool stuffs you need to know!


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I finally used Henna on my hands and I got inspired to blog about it!!….just like you,I was curious about its uses,meanings and history.


Henna has been existing for thousands of years,it used to be common among the women of India and Egypt.Henna started as a way of cooling the body because of its cooling effect.

The women would soak their hands and feet in Henna liquid extracted from its plant, later they got the idea of making designs out of it.

Henna was used by Cleopatra and drawn on the Egyptian mummies.

Its a widely known decorative material used to beautify hands and feet. It is also known by the names of Mehndi and Mylanchi. Fetched from a bush known as Lawsonia Inermis, Henna leaves are dehydrated and crushed to form henna powder. Then water is added to form a thick Henna paste. In ancient era the Henna paste was used to provide comfort in the diseases related to the blood circulation and various other pains. Today, Henna has got an entirely different usage and significance. Nowadays, Henna is used for beautifying hands, legs and dyeing of hairs all across the world and especially in Indian Subcontinent. 

It has also been used for Brides and pregnant women,It also has religious significance for the Muslims.


Uses  of Henna

Henna can be used to beautify the body,it can also be used to cover scars.

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