How I Turn My Old Weaves Into a Wig

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This article is a DIY on how to preserve your weaves. We all know how hard it is to maintain such expensive weave.Sometimes I feel reluctant to do a sew-in because I want my closure to last longer.

I figured if I turned my weave into a wig and then I wouldn’t have to worry about keep my closure or weave from getting worn out.

So I got the things I would need to make my wig. Most of the items were gotten from an online store,which is where I buy most of my weaves. I’ll post the link below.

You would need the following when you want to create you wig:

  1. Mesh Dome cap (wig cap)
  2. Hairbrush
  3. A pair of Scissors
  4. Needles and a black thread
  5. Canvass head
  6. Clips

Link to the store 》》

Canvass Mannequin head wearing a mesh done cap

The first thing I did was to clip my closure on the middle of the mesh dome. This helped me to figure out which sides to sew. After I did my closure,I started sewing from the down of my wig cap,I noticed the mesh dome was too wide under,and so,I left some space.

The full tutorial will be posted below

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