Journal || A visit by two birds

Journal || A visit by two birds

I have been at home for more than a month writing,watching movies,trying to finish my project and trying to finish alot of other stuff.

Two birds got into the house. It was a crazy moment. At first I heard my mum scream from the kitchen,then my heart started beating sooo fast,”what could have happened?”. I ran to the kitchen and I saw that she wasn’t screaming in pains or something,she was just shocked. Two birds flew so fast towards her from outside,the backdoor was opened.

My mum was really shocked because,the birds hit her and one fell on the floor beside her,and the other got stuck in the kitchen window.

I and my siblings,startled by the noise,saw that a Hawk and a little Dove,both still alive,separated thankfully,were now in our house. I guess the Hawk was chasing the Dove,lol…

It was so weird..

We had to keep the Dove in a tiny cage in order to keep it safe from the hawk,which we had already trapped by tying its feet. We gave the Dove some food made of corn,and water,because it was still so young.

It was so weird because we knew the Dove by its feathers. We knew it was the bird that had just hatched a few days back,we knew this because its nest was just in front of our doorstep and we had been looking for it when it had been missing.

This feels like a fairytale,but it is so real. I just didn’t want this experience to pass,and so,I wrote a narrative on it,from the Dove’s perspective.

At the end,the birds were free,because we couldn’t keep them..

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