Journals || my experience

Journals || my experience

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline

2 Timothy 1:7

Its another day of staying indoors, and I couldn’t believe these two things happened to me. I also heard a news that made my spine shiver in fear.

Fear,that four letter word that defines something so mighty. Fear makes people do alot of things they would never think to do on a normal day.

I and my neighbours experienced one of our worst nightmares a few days ago. It was in form of the virus which has now plagued quarter of the country at this moment. We got a news that the NCDC(National Centre for Disease Control) had taken one of my neighbours away to the hospital,he had contracted the deadly virus. At first,I didn’t believe something like that had happened until I had gone out to get some provisions for the week. I noticed that the people in my community were now taking the lockdown rules and protective measures seriously.

Before they would laugh,saying that the virus was a hoax,and that the government wanted to make money from the pandemic.

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When I was at the supermarket, I heard a man describing the scene of how the health officials took the patient and drove away,with a crowd of people who finally had the look of fear and worry over the pandemic;some women had gone inside to lock their doors,some traders were locking up their store. It was scary that it just had to happen so close to us.

Two things happened a few days ago. I realised how privileged I am,and how ungrateful I have been to God. I have a roof over my head,I have some amounts of money to spare for food and water. Indeed I am lucky. I have been ungrateful because I have always complained to God whenever I didnt get what I asked for. Although it is the normal to ask God for things,or to complain about what you don’t have,I realised that,now,those things don’t matter. Instead,what matters is food,clothing and shelter,which many people do not have…



Lastly,I realised how bad it is to be idle,I now value the concept of working,of having something to do.

Listening to: “Life is a lie” by Fabian Secon


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