Living a Minimalist Life + Favourite YouTubers at the moment!

Living a Minimalist Life + Favourite YouTubers at the moment!

To whom much is given,much will be required.

Luke 12:18

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what does it mean to be fulfilled? What does it mean to live a happy life? What does it mean to be content? As I sit in front of my computer,typing away,I wonder if I’m doing the right things in life,if I have made the right decisions,if I have said the right words,if I have treated people well.

My experience so far has taught me to always do the right thing. Looking towards my window with the draped curtains,the morning sun reflecting through, I realise I’ve been guilty of not doing the right thing in some cases,I remember when I would go to bed frowning because I let my emotions get the better of me,and then wake up feeliing less confident in myself. I remember when I would worry about not having enough savings because I gave some away,I remember when I would complain about what I didnt have,instead of being grateful and content.

Efe once said;”live the kind of life where you have no earthly attachments,where you are not afraid to give because you feel you will loose”. You are probably wondering whom Efe is… Efe is my college friend. He is probably my human conscience.

When I had just graduated from high school,I had applied to my dream college to study Law. I did’nt get in to college that year. I also did’nt get in the next year despite my high scores on both occasions.I felt so empty during those times. For two years i was really depressed,and although it was okay to feel down,it had’nt occurred to me to live,to really live my life and move on from a situation that I could’nt change. Everything that happens in this life,is all a building block that leads you to your final destination.

Now,my goal is to live my best life,to appreciate the little things in life,those happy moments spent with friends and family,to love and to learn to not be affected by the negative vibes I sometimes get.

I want to cultivate plants in small cute jars,I want to wake each morning before the sun rises so that I can water my plants while watching the sun rise above the horizon. I want to always remember my goals and strive towards fulfilling them undeterred. I want to feel peaceful when I go to bed,I want to wear the most comfy clothes.I want to live a minimalist life.

The quote at the beginning of this article reminds us not to be selfish and to always give,especiallywhen we’ve been given so much. It also reminds us to not waste our resources and that whatever we have is not our own and we are to make good use of it.

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I was going to list more than five here,but I’ll just stick to 5 YouTubers,or less. YouTube is one social media I spend hours on. I love watching videos on YouTube,from horror and mystery videos to lifestyle and DIY videos. So here’s a short list of some of my favourite YouTubers.

Theres more,but I’ll list them in another article. Here are a few more YouTubers I just discovered:

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