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|Hi Reader|

       I once watched a video where Maya Angelou talked about love. She says that love liberates.

I sometimes think that if love truly liberates,why are the people whom are supposed to always be our strength and rock the ones who hurt us? Talking about our parents,friends,etc.

While I watched that video on YouTube,I felt touched but I also said to myself that Maya Angelou was a lucky woman to have had someone who gave her the chance to live fully and to discover herself,the chance to see what life has to offer. Some people don’t even get the chance to try hard at something.After taking a first step,they get pulled down by people,most times those closest to them.

      I know a friend who almost committed suicide because she was blamed for being raped at 4 years old,she had been abused,continuously until she was almost 9,her parents blamed her. How could a child who didn’t know what exactly was happening to her be blamed for it. As she grew older her abuse coupled with her parents criticisms added to her trauma and depression. There is more to this story,but my point is that we shouldn’t say we love someone when we don’t act like that.

Okay!! I’m just here to vent,because even on twitter,I see people writing how depressed they are,even to the point of thinking about suicide. Do you know that it is usually those closest to them that actually cause the heartache.

Live and let live! We should stop pushing people to the point where they see life as something meaningless,as something not worth fighting for. Just as the saying goes;’people kill people’. Its just the sad truth.

If you’re in a toxic relationship,get out of it. If people who claim to love you keep hurting you,then liberate yourself.Its definitely not easy to say goodbye for the last time,but the feeling that comes is always refreshing.

‘Love’ liberates,and sometimes you have to be the one to free yourself because you love yourself.


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