Be You

Be You

Don’t loose yourself in their eyes,you are too loved to be lost


|Hi Reader |

Before I start my topic of discussion,I just want to let you know that you are beautiful.

You must have come here for a reason,you may be curious;may ask yourself ‘Why should I love my body even when nobody likes It?,’Why can’t I look like this person?…

You may say ‘I’m too thin’ or ‘ I’m too chubby’. I’m sure 50% of women feel this way or have this inner voice whenever they look in the mirror.

If you are among,then I think it’s time you become ‘body positive.

I mean,many women want to become chubby and many want to be slim or curvy or busty,some want small boobs too.


It’s okay to want to be slim or chubby,but it becomes a problem when your self love is questioned,when your head can’t seem to face upwards,when you constantly look in the mirror;It becomes a problem when your self esteem reduces,when you become depressed.


Practise self love, people may stare at you but if you let it dampen your light,then your self love is at risk.

Loving your body,yourself and personality is a great way of being positive.

Sometimes whenever I feel down,I listen to some of Alexandra Elle’s podcast. The link will be listed below.

How do you stay positive?

This is for women of all sizes,staying positive about your goals is a great step.

For example,if you are trying to lose some weight,you shouldn’t see your size as a curse which you have to break,but rather,see looking weight as a way of fitting to how you want to look.

If you are trying to gain some weight,don’t see being thin as a bad thing.

Looking and having weight should not have to be a sign of low self esteem.

After all,everyone has their preference.Its just like how we have those people who love heavy makeup and some who love their natural look. The point is wanting to look different doesn’t mean you were not good the way you looked before,it just means you prefer being a certain way.

Confidence is beautiful no matter your size/weight,be confident in who you are and you will be happy.

Sooo it’s all about the self love girl!!

  •             Learn to be comfortable either being short,tall,thin,curvy,chubby,etc,etc..
  •           Change is good as long as it doesn’t affect your well being,talk about mentally and emotionally.

The link to Alexandra Elle’s podcast  is here–

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