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Tis the season!!….I’m not so sure if we are in the winter season here in Nigeria,because it feels like we are in the summer,seriously,few can relate.

I’m so ready for this season and I wanted to share some of the things I’m currently loving:


The first item on the ‘must-haves’ is a great moisturiser,I prefer using cocoa butter as a moisturizer because it’s great for the winter season. It also prevents dry and flaky skin. I use Palmer’s Cocoa butter. I’m not going to do a review because I’m saving it for later.


Next on our list is ‘lip balm’. Using a chap stick or any lip balm of your choice is great for the winter season because it serves as a protection for dry and chapped lips. It’s a must-have for this season.


Candles gives a homey feel. It’s best to buy scented candles.


Socks!!…one of the best ways to feel at home and warm is by wearing socks. Especially when you want to cuddle up to watch a movie. Don’t forget your blankies.


Tea is another way to keep warm for the winter and it’s the last on our must-haves.

Hope this was helpful!

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