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My 4c Natural Hair Length Check

|Hi Reader|

Welcome back to my blog!

As the title goes,this post is strictly ‘hair’. We are in the era where embracing an all-natural lifestyle is the norm,instead trying to alter everything.

I’m so pro-natural,even if I’m a makeup artist,and even though I still love fixing nails,lashes,weaves,lipstick,and more,there is just this feeling get with natural hair. Even if it is painful(lol).

I finally get to share my hair length here on the blog,like I promised.

Sooooo,my hair is currently 8-months old.

5 Inches.

Its shrinks unbelievably.

Sometimes I feel like cutting it off.

Sometimes I would almost cry because of how painful it is to comb through.

But it’s my hair,I get to love my own hair,I get to know my God-given hair,actually I want to know what limit it can grow up to.

Sooo it’s not so hard to maintain your natural hair,you just have to know the right products to use. I would blog more about this in the future-products,routines,hairstyles,etc. Stay clicked!

More pictures!!

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