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My February Favourites

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This is a random post about stuffs that really made my month.


I love the fact that these books are about culture,although fictional. I wonder how writers could come up with such stories.Tomi Adeyemi intertwined the themes of color,class and gender in Children of Blood and bone. In The plains of passage, Jean M. Auel returns us to the earliest days of humankind and to the captivating adventures of the courageous woman called Ayla.


Archie comics is basically my childhood/Adulthood. I read alot of comic books regardless of my age. Its another form of reading and it’s much more fun reading on the bus or at the cafeteria.


I had seen other series,but this is absolutely my favourite. It’s probably because I’m a huge fan of the first movie,and I know all the songs by heart.

Skincare product

This product is my holy grail. I can finally say I have a clear skin. My skin glows!


This sing has me hooked. I fell in love with the covers I saw watched on Instagram,I didn’t even know it was a High School Musicale Series original song,until I saw the movie. It was such a coincidence. I fell in love with Olivia Rodrigo’s and Julia Lester’s voices.

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