New Collection of Makeup Products For December

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Happy New Month! In Advance,because I would be publishing this post on the 30th of November.

December is my favourite month of the year,and so I decided to share with you the makeup products I got for the month of December.

It’s not really a thing for me to buy new items before December,but I’m running out on alot of my makeup products. I work as a makeup artist,and so it’s not unusual when my products get exhausted quickly.

I went to the store and got these items,even though they are not so exclusive,I’m really glad I was able to update my makeup box with these:


‘Classic Pro Makeup are sooooo good,I have never been disappointed by this brand. I use their lipsticks,powder,and foundation.And now;their Mascara.


If you haven’t heard of this brand,then you are lucky I’m here. Karite is a makeup brand that produces ‘skin wise’ products. Their foundations are mixed with safe ingredients that help to control oil and tone the skin(sort of a BB cream).

A year ago,I did a review of their Foundation.

It’s a wrap! That’s it for this article.I hope you will make the most of December,don’t frown and don’t feel down because of the tough moments.

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