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              WHERE DO I START FROM?????!!!

     I’ve been feeling a bit blue,I figured blogging would probably lighten my mood.  Right now,I’m almost on the verge of tears. Reasons,unknown. 

Like have you ever felt the need to just  shut yourself out of the world and pour out whatever you have been weighing you down. It’s how I feel. Have you also felt like crying for no reason?,like,you just can’t tell why you suddenly feel like crying.

Let’s move on..

March is so far,my favourite month of the year. It’s been challenging,but great.


I have to say,I learnt a few lessons from people who I thought were my friends. Seriously. I realised that for every relationship you have with people,you shouldn’t reveal too much of yourself,because due to the familiarity,people would take you for granted. I also learnt not to expect so much from people,and to be emotionally independent.

Probably looks like I’m broken hearted. No,I’m not. I’m just being realistic.


I learnt how to be more efficient and disciplined. I also learnt the habit of saving.Lastly,I learnt the habit of waking up early (a big achievement for me btw).


I read alot on Feminism,last month. I read ‘Roses and Bullets” by Akachi Adkimora ezeigbo. I also read one of her poems titled ‘Waiting For Dawn’. Next,I read just the first and second chapter of ‘Welcome to Lagos’,I haven’t gotten inspired to continue reading it,also, I have been busy with school work.


I listened to lots of love songs. Alot.


I enjoyed my new routine of waking up early. I realised that it helped me plan my day better,and my Mondays were alot more enjoyable.

Revisiting March,I realise that,on one hand it changed my lifestyle for the better,on the other hand,it was the month I got to let go of people and things that made me feel depressed. That would be another story for later. what was the best decision you made in march?

These are my goals for the month of April:

  • To save more money
  • Do a collaboration shoot for my makeup business
  • Exercise more
  • Read more
  • To write less more
  • To move on

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