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Sneakers on Ankara:Yay/Nay??

Heyy beauties,


If you are not new here,you would know that I love to interact with my readers.



So I’ve always wanted to blog on this topic because there was a time when I look at people who wear Sneakers or even boots on Ankara (I was still a fashion rookie) until I noticed it  was a trend and I just went with it.

Well call me old-fashioned but up until now I haven’t tried wearing Sneakers on Ankara. What do I know? I love my heels.

Perhaps I’ll try it,check out some photos below:






So hope you try this and tell me if its a yay/nay for you.

I love you guys.Stalk me on






Nosa Osatohanmwen is a writer and Makeup Artist who believes everyone is a work in progress. She is an EnglishLiterature student in a state university on the western part of Nigeria.She is also an avid Feminist and a member of LWB group,A group of sassy,classy and intelligent who inspires and impact one another.

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