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Sometimes the best thing a person can do for you is to not choose you

I was going through Twitter, and I saw this tweet by Toni Tone. She wrote about about life being better without a person in your life. I found this tweet to be really relatable. Sometimes you look back and realise that some people who you looked up to,people you’ve respected, who you’ve loved,who you’ve given your all to ended up leaving. For me I’ve had people like that come and go.The people who have hurt you,are just living their happy life. Some have even forgotten about what they did to you. Instead of focusing on the hurt,choose to move on. It definitely not easy. There was a time I felt there was something wrong with me but then looking back I feel like my life got better even without them in it. I got to meet new people I got to make new friends,I focused on other things which made me better. I probably wouldn’t have all these ideas in my mind,if I was busy focusing on the hurt. Sometimes,not being chosen puts us on the path we are meant to be on. We probably wish a person would value us,the way we have valued them,but,it doesn’t always work out that way.

Not being “chosen” applies to many things,this includes school.Not getting the scholarship you applied for,not going abroad for your masters because of the circumstances,not getting the course of your choice,not being liked by people,not getting the grades you want,etc. In the future, when you remember the struggles,you realise that everything that happened was meant to be. You realise that,you would never have achieved so much,if you hadn’t gone through something.

Toni Tone also said that;”you know that college or that job that didn’t choose you?Maybe something way better is destined for you,but you just don’t know it yet”

Trust your struggle

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So true


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