Starting a Natural Hair Journey ||

|Hi Reader|

I tasted freedom fot the first time

It felt like stardust filtering through my tongue to the inside of my heart

It led to my voice sounding in rhyme

with a sigh I relaxed,because I know I’ve passed a hurdle they had termed ‘impossible’

I took my pen and wrote with ease

that love poem was now like a breeze

with a part of the wall now crumbled,

I closed my eyes and allowed the wind to take me home…


The rains are coming slowly,and so i decided to drink a cup of green tea while typing away.Before I continue,HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.

I started writing this post at exactly 2:33 p.m on October 1st. At this moment I feel indifferent. I’m holding a scissors and staring at the mirror,wondering why I cut my hair.

I have different reasons as to why I decided to do the big chop, and although I’m not entirely happy about how I look,I don’t miss my long,relaxed hair. I don’t miss it at all because since last year I’ve been so hesitant to just start over,but today,October 1(aka Nigeria’s Independence Day),I decided to also have my own sense of freedom. Today represents a new beginning for me,the start of my natural hair journey.

With time,I’ll be carrying you all along with how it feels to be a “naturalista” (lol).

If you are new to my blog,welcome🌸 and make sure to Subscribe. You are probably wondering why I’m now blogging about hair. My blog is a lifestyle blog,which means I get to blog about various topics from fashion to personal experiences,to stories and basically,lifestyle.

For the moment you are all waiting for!! I PRESENT!!….me…

I wrote a poem for the first time in a lonnnnngggg time!!!! What are your thoughts????

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