Storytime || My First Ferry Ride In Lagos

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Lagos is surrounded by a vast area of Lagoons. It is no surprise that they also have a stable and reliable means of water transportation.

My first Ferry experience was in 2015. I was going to the beach with a few friends.

We just wanted to have fun before the 25th of December because then,as we Lagosians know too well,the beach would be filled up and less enjoyable.

The Ferry wasn’t so bad even if I was a bit skeptical about it.

Its Interior…

I dont remember any distinct design on the ferry. Not even a name. The boat was large enough to contain about fifteen passengers.

When we got to the ferry station,we were asked not to carry anything too heavy.

We also had to wear a Life Jacket in case of an accident.The fare is usually 500 Naira which is quite affordable.

One advantage of taking a Ferry is that it is sooo fast. I could get to Lekki from the mainland in 3 hours by Road,but the ferry gets me to my destination in 30 minutes tops…no kidding.

It’s great for the worker who wants to get to his destination in time and for the person who wants to avoid Lagos traffic.

But I have to say, Ferry rides are not for the faint hearted. Especially if you are someone who gets sea sick.

  • The Ferry was stuffy and smaller than I expected.
  • It was scary at first but I got excited 5 minutes on sea.
  • My advise is to not take a Ferry from 6 p.m because of the rising currents.
  • All in all it was an exciting trip even if I dont have any of my old pictures.Sadly.

I dont even know why I listed them..i needed you guys to just get these points.

My first ferry ride wasn’t so bad.

Tell me about yours in the comment section

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