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Diary of a Nigerian Blogger Short stories

The Bird Scene || A short narrative

THE BACKSTORY OF “THE BIRD SCENE” I sat gently on the fence as I watched my owners laugh at something they had seen. Unknowingly,my end was coming,and I didn’t know. My owners..I call them that because my nest was built on a tree were they live. I was counting the stones scattered on the …

Diary of a Nigerian Blogger Lagos Living Short stories

Journals || my experience

I and my neighbours experienced one of our worst nightmares a few days ago. It was in form of the virus which has now plagued quarter of the country at this moment. We got a news that the NCDC(National Centre for Disease Control) had taken one of my neighbours away to the hospital,he had contracted the deadly virus. At first,I didn’t believe something like that had happened until I had gone out to get some provisions for the week. I noticed that the people in my community were now taking the lockdown rules and protective measures seriously.