Tales That Still Make Me Shiver

Tales That Still Make Me Shiver

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Ookkayyy….this is interesting (rubbing my palm)…. where do I start…

First,If you are a Nigerian and you were once a child..lol…you cant possibly tell me you haven’t been told any scary tales.

You see,let me tell you about the concept of a dults telling these stories to children. They feel that by instilling fear into the hearts of children,they wouldn’t do bad things. Especially if they are told the so called consequences of their actions.

There are alot of stories but only a few of them would be listed here:

The Lost Child

So this is not really popular,you might not have heard this one. It tells the story a girl who met a stranger on her way to see her mother,earlier her mother had warned her not to talk to strangers.The stranger started a conversation with the little girl and asked the girl to follow him to the stream to get what he forgot..not knowing that he was from the marine world,she followed him. The little girl was never seen again. The End.

A typical representation of the moral lesson ‘dont talk to or follow strangers’


Haha…no horror tales without mentioning this one..it literally gave me nightmares(.. when I was little)

Finger is about a child who had been warned not to collect food or money from her friends or strangers. One day she collected stick sweets like we call it here from a friend in school and kept it in her school bag..the next day,she saw that the stick sweets had turned into two human Fingers. WT!!…writing it alone is causing me shivers. The moral lesson from this tale is an advice to children not to take gifts from strangers or even friends. I was even told it’s a true story,but nah I dont think so.

The Boy Who Turned To Yam

Okay this is one other story that gave me the chills when I was little. It’s a story about a boy who was walking down a road,he found a Ten Naira note on the floor and picked it. Not knowing it was an evil trap,the boy turned to yam..although I never got to know what happened to him.

Basically the moral lesson is that we shouldn’t take what doesn’t belong to us.

The Possessed Doll

Its about how demons possesses dolls that influence little kids or torment them. I’m not sure how this counts as a moral for children but I’ve definitely been told this when I was little..though it didn’t make me dislike my toys.

Miss Koin Koin

Do you hear footsteps too???…that’s the sound of Miss KoinKoin heels. I heard this tale when I was in a boarding school. Boarding schools tend to have their horror stories,most of them are rather true. Lol..just joking..but seriously though.what if??…..The tale is about a lady called Miss koinkoin who walks around the school halls at night with a cane,you could hear the sound of her shoes during the late hours. It is said that any child who sees her would never be the same. Ha.. I got you there

that’s it for my list…but if you have any to share…please feel free to write it in the comment section below,there could be a part two….Click the bell button to subscribe!

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