The Bird Scene || A short narrative

The Bird Scene || A short narrative


I sat gently on the fence as I watched my owners laugh at something they had seen. Unknowingly,my end was coming,and I didn’t know.

My owners..
I call them that because my nest was built on a tree were they live.

I was counting the stones scattered on the staircase when a shadow flew above me. I didn’t know what it was,I had just gotten to know light. My parents had left me,coming a few times to feed me. But then I decided to leave the nest for the first time. I was yet to grow my wings fully,but I didn’t care,I needed to see the light.
           The shadow kept circling around,and I wondered what it was. Curiosity took the best of me,and I decided to circle around just like the shadow,trying to communicate with it. It was futile,for the shadow left me.
I sighed,sad that I missed the chance to have a friend. But all of a sudden,I heard a sound above me,and when I looked up. Behold,a pair of yellow eyes was the first thing that caught my attention. It was flying towards me at such speed that I was so amazed and impressed. I didn’t know it was going to be the end..

     With the strange bird coming towards me,I began to have a strange feeling that those pair of eyes, and widened legs ready to hold unto me,was not a good sign,and that I was in trouble.
I tried to fly but I couldn’t go as high as I wanted to. I flapped my wings hoping they would grow longer immediately,but to no avail,I could only fly so low.

In a mode of panic,I suddenly got an idea,I could fly into the shelter of my owners,they would save me,and so,I flew as fast as I could. I flew to shelter,but the bird followed me still.

I flew deeper into shelter,but I flew so fast that I hit a wall,it felt safe for a moment because I couldn’t find my pursuer. I could hear voices from my corner,somebody had seen two birds fly into the house. I could only hear muffled voices,the bird’s name was apparently ‘hawk’,I heard them say that it had gotten stuck to the window. I was straining to hear more in my corner,when a pair of small hands lifted me gently.

      I opened my eyes this time(for it had been closed),and when I looked,I saw a dark skinned human smiling and holding me gently. There were more humans coming towards me,surrounding me,each fascinated by me. I heard their loud voices deciding what to do with me.It seems they had already decided to put me in a little cage. I heard them say that I was too young to be left outside,because I would be easy prey for the hawks. They said I was too young to fend for myself,and so they would put me in a cage for a week,and so they did.

While I was in the cage,I saw they trying to rescue another bird that was stuck in the window,it was the hawk.

I began to panic,but I knew the hawk couldn’t get to me because I was in a safe place with food and water,but I was still on edge. Although the humans had already tied its feet,I was scared that it would break free from their hold.

The humans were laughing and awed of the fact that a hawk had entered the house,they called it an amateur predator,a hawk knew better than to fly so low in a closed space. They later brought it close to my cage to see my reaction. I wanted to fly as fast as I could,but the cage wouldn’t open. I saw the hawks eyes,a yellow ring in its eyes,so deep and penetrating,filled with hatred. I wondered what I had done to deserve such.

     Seeing me squirm,the humans took the hawk away and tied it to a corner. I heard them say they would either sell it,or let it go free later.

I was so tired and hungry after the incident,that I decided to eat a little and sleep,knowing I was in good hands.

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