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The Judge and The Judged

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Waking up at exactly 11:24 a.m,I checked my phone and layed back,signing and thinking “I’m such a lazy bum”. I imagined other hardwirkers being on the BRT queue at 5:00a.m,waiting to get their bus ticket to work. And I shook my head,I should do better,I should get a life,how can I still be asleep around this time. The reality that if I had school work to do,or a job,I wouldn’t be in bed by this time struck me. I had read and edited my project all through the night,but why do I still feel like I haven’t done enough,why do I still feel like I have to be like others,I have to have the same schedule with ‘hardworkers’,knowing that I work hard too,yet,thinking that I am not good enough. If I were good enough,I should have woken up at 5.00 a.m too,brushed my teeth,said my prayers and even have a bath. Instead,I’m still in bed by 11 in the morning,sipping water and going through social media.

“The Judge and the Judged”… In our present society,we are plagued with pressures of being better that the other person,following the norm,and doing what others do. Subconsciously judging ourselves,and following a path different from ours. We forget to congratulate ourselves a job well done,even though we are on the right path,we feel if we aren’t following the ‘norm’,then we are on the wrong path.

Consequently, the more we judge ourselves, the more we loose sight of our own paths. This would also lead to judging others,thinking they have no plans for the day or their future,thinking we are on our own paths because we follow other people’s schedule.

The pandemic has changed alot of schedule,made people feel jobless,and unproductive,some have the freedom to pursue their goals,while others are stuck.

As a student,lots of free time is a rare gift,but now that it has been given,it is difficult to figure out what to do with it. But being the judge and being judged shouldn’t be the way. Instead,finding a path,should be the top priority. It could be in form of doing what you couldn’t do before,planning out your future,updating your knowledge,or forming a habit. It all comes down to finding your own path…

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Wow,this is so relatable