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Things You Don’t Know About Me

|Hi Reader|

You’ve probably seen a viral message being passed around in regards to posting 25 random facts about yourself.
Instead of pretending that I find this practice absurd, I think it’s a great way to get to know some of your friends and acquaintances.
Even though I always write my articles from experience, I find that I reveal very little about my actual personality on this blog. Here’s a chance to get to know me a little bit better.

1. I tend to give up on people easily because there were times when I would give too much of myself and my attention to people only for them to take me for granted. So whenever I notice that a person avoids me,I’ll just move on immediately. I’ve learned not to hold on to people who dont value me.

2. I open my mouth when sleeping…you know how your mouth shapes whenever you want to pronounce the |a:|(e.g Car.) sound?… that’s how wide my mouth forms whenever I sleep…my sisters usually take pictures of me when I sleep,but they are super embarrassing, I wont share….. No I won’t

3. I wanted to be a Singer. It’s no joke,I have always loved singing since I was little. Even during my pre-teens,I used to write lyrics,mostly sad songs. I kind of outgrew the idea of being a musician,even though I have a great voice…lol

4. I write poems,short stories and plays. If you are current on my blog,you would know I’m an English Literature student. So I’m basically into books and writing. It’s my thing. I’ve always seen ‘writing’ as a part of me. Though I write plays and the others,I LOVE writing articles more.

5. My best food is Indomie. Though,weirdly,I love eating Beans (I’m currently covering my face). Lol

6. I love writing scripts but nobody ever reads them. Okay except the one time my lecturer read my script and made some corrections. I’m kind of a ghost writer. I would one day feature one of my works here on the blog (I promise).

7. I get angry easily. If you are one of those readers who know me personally,then you can relate. I’m admitting it right here. Truth is,little things get to me…im a little bit sensitive, I wish I weren’t.(sighs)

8. I am a junkie for sweets. Chocolates,nuts(CASHEW NUT ANYDAY!!),biscuits,icecreams. I stash them somewhere in my room for whenever I’m bored or hungry,I’m always hungry. I would rather eat junks than real food…surprisingly I still weigh below 60kg…Lol

9. I smile during serious moments. Seriously,I just burst out laughing,especially when my mum is about to scold me,that makes her furious though…I really don’t do it on purpose.

10. People think I frown all the time,while I think I smile all the time.

11. I’m intrigued about Stephen Hawking. Though I’m not a science enthusiast,I watch lots of videos about the universe,time dilation and time travels,space travels.

12. I love horror movies,unsolved mysteries,ghost stories,haunted houses,legends and Earth’s mysteries. I didn’t use to,but I love watching videos about them.

13. I’m a makeup Artist. Okay,that’s an obvious facts to those who are current on my blog.

14. When I was 6 yrs old,there was a time I got sick,although I was already getting better,I pretended to be dead so my mum wouldn’t give me any drugs,I still ended up taking the drugs though.

15. I had an accident while crossing a junction when I was four. It was me and my sister,though it wasn’t so serious,its unforgettable because of……a reason.

16. I was never good at mathematics back in High School.

17. One of my proudest moments in High school was when I was the winner of the spelling bee competition between the junior and senior classes. I was still a junior.

18. I have never been in love. Although I was infatuated with a boy when I was 13.

19. I can’t sleep in the dark…ever.

20. I’m a great dancer,but only within the four walls of my room,alone,behind a closed door.

21. I used to make beaded bracelets and sell them back in High School,that was the beginning of me earning my own money.

22. I dont trust people at all.

23. I’m active online but quiet in person.

24. I’m a movie freak. Lol

25. It takes ages for me to be free and very friendly with people because of certain experiences.

26. My hands and feet are always cold regardless of the weather. It’s weird.

○○○○○○○○○Drum roll!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay we’ve come to the end of this article,I feel it’s too personal already. Ughhhh..

My Instagram account is here》》@blackbird_._._

Which one did you find intriguing,tell me in the comment section below!!



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I always love these kind of posts! I really feel like I get to know the person behind the blog😊thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading !
Xoxo Annaleid