Unboxing Morphe Eyeshadow 35A Palette: REVIEW

Beauties!!… Its the start of a new week and lately I’ve been getting requests to do a texture review of the Morphe eyeshadow palette. For y’all who want to purchase this palette….is it a yay or nay nay??…lets find out!

It pretty much comes with a box like most eyeshadows do.

Also packaged to prevent scratch and cracks. So for the main part..the colours come in shimmer and matte shades.

Its got 3 matte colours and 32 shimmers. While using it i noticed that the colours although appear to be less pigmented are actually highly pigmented compared to some products i use which i will have to apply multiple times to get the shimmers out. Just a swatch,and its got you covered….BUT . . i also noticed that i have to use an eye primer in order to make it look sleek…for most of my looks,i dont use eye primer so i guess i have to in order to bring out the shade more…..its fine😌 Lets try it out

The picture above shows how it looks with(left) and without(right) eyeprimer. The matte colours are just three,i would have love more…and it doesnt have the matte shade in brown,just purple,pink and Yellow.

The matte colours are also good and they blend nicely without breaking or leaving harsh lines.

These are the colours of the 35A Shadow palette. Beauties,look forward to my next post on the Morphe Eyeshadow Palette,I’ll create a subtle look from it.

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