weekend hauls +new bucket list+ unboxing

weekend hauls +new bucket list+ unboxing

|Hi Reader|

welcome back to my blog!

Its the weekend and its a really sunny day.Sit tight and read,don’t forget to practise selfcare! Also you might probably not be reading this on a weekend,but oh well,I’m writing this on a sunny saturday. This article will be focused on new stuffs I got recently,its not a sponsored post though. Just sit tight and enjoy!

I forgot to say that I’ve missed this blog,I just need more ideas….I’ve missed you too!

Sooooo we’ll be dealing with these sub-topics👇

Okay I’m stalling..


The first item I got are these Rafia bags. They are super affordable and really cool. I got these from an online store(links will be listed down below).

These rafia bags are perfect for this season,and it can be used for almost every occasion (except dinners ofcourse). I love how casual and natural it feels to use it.

I own two of these,the Purple(best colour!!) and the nude(😍),the last one is for a friend.


I love how cute these are. I got them just because your girl loves looking casual,plus it’s the rainy season and they are so comfy.

If you are curious about what this is,then you should probably wait for my article about how I make infused oils. I made this last week,it a great moisturiser and it smells like Citrus!

This is my guilty pleasure for lazy days. Mostly on days that I have no lectures. Like today. I’ll be put the link to the store below.

How can I not add books to the list. Although I won’t be reading these yet because of my upcoming exams(Mama’s getting to her finals!). But I’ll fill you in later.

That’s it for my weekend hauls y’all….Its not much,but I hope it’s something. Tell me what you are currently loving or what you bought recently ,in the comment section!!

Before we move on,check out the glow I got from using my infused oil!!!


I made a template about my bucket list. I hope I can tick them soon. I think visiting Nike Arts and Craft Centre is one thing I’m looking forward to.



It’s nothing really big but I bet I got you there.😉 I ordered a ring light from Jumia for my phone. Unbox with me!!

One thing about Jumia is that, when you order for an item,they call you to confirm that you ordered something. I love the fact that Jumia delivers right on time and you have the assurance of your item being delivered. They also have the return option incase you don’t receive the exact package you ordered. Don’t worry your money also gets refunded.

My order came in a small package,and was well sealed. I ordered for a ring-light and I got it in 3 days.

The ring light is just perfect. I love it because it uses AA batteries,so it would really last a long time. It’s also portable so I can take it anywhere.

That’s it for this article.Don’t forget to…

Wait!!! I forgot to list one item on my weekend haul!!

This is my favourite item. I use this water bottle for my infused water.Its a life-saver.I take it to school on days when I would have lectures for hours. It helps to keep me hydrated. Plus it’s so cute to carry along.

Yay!!!!…we are done.Now I will post the link to some of the items I listed above. Please guys , I want to know what you think,you arereadning but not commenting😔. I want to get to know my readers. If you don’t know what to say on the comment section,then write about things you are loving,or how you are practising selfcare,or give me tips,or simply introduce yourself😊

Link to items:

Ring light

Clay mask


Rafia Bags


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