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What i do with my free time ||Holiday Edition |Beyouteekouture

I’m a Sunflower,a little funny….

-Sierra Burgess


Wow…if you are familiar with the quote above then let me tell you that,I’m  absolutely almost obsessed with the movie “Sierra Burgess is a loser”….I feel like it passes across a message to all girls ..like….



Finally guys it’s been two months since I’ve been on Summer vacation and I v just a few more weeks till school resumes. I’m a college student majoring in English. Im just soo excited to share with you guys what I’ve been up to during the holiday.

I love doing a lot of things,blogging included. My hobbies are Reading,watching YouTube videos(I especially love paranormal stuffs like sleep paralysis and aliens and time travel and a lot more,I also love watching DIY videos on YouTube).

Lately this holiday has made me do more stuffs,like taking pictures…seriously pictures weren’t my thing before but now I even take pictures of what I eat.  I also have the habit of dressing up more..I’m more conscious of what I wear and that’s bad of me.


Okay. My obssessions??...Ive always loved noodles like I could eat them everyday and never get tired..I dunno if it’s safe to say it’s my best food because I loveee junks,mostly sweets ..I keep a stash under my pillow,sometimes in my wardrobe(don’t tell anyone)…Lol


I have a lot of freetime because im currently not learning anything,though I’m taking an online course on ‘Creative writing’..I’m thinking  of taking a photography or video editing course too but I’m a bit broke. If you are also on Summer break and you need something to keep you busy and sane so your brain won’t be soo fried(Kidding!!) after 3 months of not opening a book,I recommend doing an online course,you get a cert. at the end of the course.


Lol that’s just me trying out my camera ….


I love this picture because…….I dunno!!!

List of stuff I do with my free time


I have mentioned a few above..like photography.So there are still a few more:



When it comes to “do it yourself”…I never miss it..I love creating things,like body butter,hair moisturizers,nail hacks,book hacks,how to make scrapbooks,tips and tricks,beauty hacks,etc etc



Writing poems and quotations

I love reading quotes and also writing poems…I love reading anything that inspires me…My favourite writer on Instagram is @Alex_elle (https://www.instagram.com/alex_elle/



I love listening to music and writing a little of the lyrics I feel ..I love the slow type of songs..My current best song right now is ‘All I Ask’ by Adele. I also listen to the hip-hop but there are times in school when I just lie on my bed in the evenings  and play some sad or romantic music…it’s just me..




     This is one of my hobbies obviously,I love writing..I’ve written a few short plays,although I find them boring which is why I’m taking a course on ‘Creative writing to better my writing skill…..Blogging also falls under writing…it’s all about content creating which I love!


I eat Junks!!

    Yup that’s me….but not sugary stuff honestly..I just prefer snacking to actually eating real food.




 How can I not add this to the list…I’m literally a makeup artist so I love giving makeovers to people..but this holiday I’ve been on the natural side because my skin needs it and I don’t want to waste my products,cos I’m broke duhh…so I only use makeup on special occasions…sneak peek at that natural face is down belowww..

I’m trying to achieve a glowy and radiant skin….I just made a batch of Shea moisturizing butter. Picture down below!!




 I love reading novels during my free time…I read mostly romance but lately I’ve been into paranormal stuff I dunno why…I’m currently reading “Learning curves” by Cindi Myers…it’s about a girl who had to go through the struggles of having a big body…it’s teaches self love..

Picture down below!!



     Who doesn’t love games??….one game I absolutely love is “Episode..just search for it on play store..it’s really great for the story lovers..it’s not about fighting villains and stuff. 

Another game I would recommend for your free time is “Smurfs Village”…it’s the definition of fun,it’s got mini games,quests,you get to build and decorate your village..it’s awesome.



        I watch a lot of series…honestly I’m scared of losing everything I’ve learnt in school…u know..too much of Movies??..I just finished “Stranger Things” and I’m looking forward to watching a new series called “Manifest“….let me know your best movie in the comment section below!!



Soo readers,I think I’ve given you a few tips on what to with your free time…I hope you enjoyed reading this…pls comment below on anything you’d like to tell me …byee

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